Unlock Your Car, Smartphone and More with Your Heart

The Nymi uses your unique ECG to authenticate you through a wristband that is then bluetooth connected to devices and applications. 

The device makes the rumored iPhone Fingerprint Scanner look like a skeleton key :P I just ordered one and am pretty excited about this disruptive entrant to the security and password space. 

Read more on BetaKit.com: http://www.betakit.com/unlock-your-smartphone-with-heart-nymi/

Core Values

Core Values should not change, unlike strategies that should be changing all the time.

What values do you bring to work?

What values do you want to tell other people you hold at work?

Is the value as valid 100 years from now as today?

Would you hold onto the value if at some point it becomes a competitive disadvantage?

If you’re starting a new organization, in a different industry, would you keep the value?